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Use of plastic snap-hooks

Plastic Snaphook

08 Jul Use of plastic snap-hooks

Plastic snap-hooks for bags

plastic snaphooks for bagsShoulder strap is a fundamental element in bags, able to guarantee safety and comfort. It is a system that allows to keep always the hands free, without the risk to forget the bags somewhere. But how to fix a shoulder strap on a bag? The easiest way is to use snap-hooks.

Very easy to use, Snap-hooks are the best solution to make a bag practical. Using a shoulder strap moreover, the bag weight is distributed on the whole body, thing that would not be possible using a handle.

But how to find first class plastic snap-hooks for bags? The answer is Due Emme. Active since 30 years in the sector of thermoplastic components for leather goods and clothing, the company offers a wide range of durable snap-hooks designed to meet the needs of a wide audience.

Plastic snap-hooks for military bags

Plastic snap-hooks for military bagsSnap-hooks applications are not over, in fact these items are also used in military equipment. Their high strength and resistance characteristics make them suitable for the most extreme uses, as in military bags and shoulder straps.

Here you can see the full range of plastic snap-hooks made by Due Emme.