Two Holes Sewable Button | 2M Italia
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two holes sewable button


Finally available also in size 15mm, to be used for technical uses, for Military uniforms or Workwear.

This sewable button offers the maximum security, avoiding any unstitching or loss of buttons, even in the most adverse working conditions, and it is for this reason that they are used from the Army for their uniforms.

It is produced in 2 materials: NYLON and HPE SOFT, for a wide choice in terms of usage and practicality.

Discover here other plastic buttons and rivets produced by 2M.

In particular, plastic snap fasteners are ideal for allergy sufferers that want to avoid contact with metals. They can be produced in different colors, copying the same color of the garments or deviating from it, creating a master and equilibrated color game. Moreover, precisely because they are hypoallergenic and feasible in different colors, our snap fasteners are ideal also for baby wear.

Into practice, plastic press fasteners are nice, functional and hypoallergenic!

Considering instead plastic rivets, they are perfect to connect pieces of different materials. In fact, making pressure on the plastic rivet head, it is possible to fix, in a stable and safe way, the parts that needs to be joined.

Plastic rivets can have different sizes, depending the use to which they are intended. Bigger is the head of the rivets, higher will be their resistance. This guarantees a higher stability and safeness of fixing. Depending on the pieces one needs to join and their thickness, one can choose the most suitable rivets, to be able to obtain an optimum result in terms of stability and resistance.