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Overview on our handles range

08 Jul Overview on our handles range

Plastic handles

Active since 30 years in production and sales of thermoplastic accessories, Due Emme offers a wide choice of items and is capable to satisfy the needs of every customer. Due Emme’s components are mainly used in clothing, leather goods and stationery sectors, and in this last one we can find the handles.

Types of handles

Flexible handles

For example, the flexible handles we produce are used on detergent kegs or on plastic/paper shopping bags.

handles to be attached with rivets

The overmolded handles to be attached with rivets are already tape equipped. In other words, the handle is ready to be used with rivets in various areas.

padded handles

In the huge handles range we find also the padded handles, which can be used on any bag by sewing them. The same for the overmolded flat handles and for overmolded boltless handles.

rigid handles

Due Emme offers a wide choice also to who is searching for rigid handles, that can be used on briefcases or on boxes. They are fixed by dedicated rivets or with click mechanism.

fixed hadles

In Due Emme offer there are also fixed handles, to be fixed with metal screws: the perfect solution if you need to substitute a bags broken handle.