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Military Belts

military belt

05 Sep Military Belts


Belts are a fundamental part of the militaries equipment. In fact, they are used to carry guns and weapons and need to guarantee a high performance not to incur in any accident.


To guarantee a high grade of security is compulsory that also the buckle used to close the belt is highly resistant. For this reason Due Emme offers a wide range of security and military buckles and accessories.

Specifically Belt buckles are available in a wide range and sizes. There are side release buckles, that you can open lifting one part, and also the ones with an upper cam, that guarantees a higher protection is case of an accidental release.

There are also quick release buckles, produced with over molding technology. These parts are used is all cases where is necessary a safe closure, but also a fast opening. They are mainly used on pouches attached to belts.

Also used on belts are the well-known Safety buckles, equipped with a central button. 2 hands are necessary to open them, guaranteeing a higher safeness and avoiding accidents.